Thank You For Your Awesomeness!

It has been nearly a year since I started, and we have reached a milestone of sorts in May when we reached our 50,000 monthly visitors milestone as well as signing up our 5,000th subscriber to the GoodPlace Digest:-

Thank you for a record-breaking, arse-kicking May!

Thank you for a record-breaking, arse-kicking May!

As we are doing this without any marketing budget (we are only dorky writers, not slick marketers) this only means that we have grown mainly via word-of-mouth and referrals from other websites. If you have referred a friend to this site then thank you for being awesome! If you have not done that yet, well, do us a favour and send your friends to this page, yeah? Let’s embark on this beautiful adventure together. 🙂

Making Money

Believe it or not, I get about a couple of curious emails asking me how I manage to build and scale without apparently making any money. Actually I do get sponsorships from agencies and developers (our client roster can be found on the blog’s sidebar on the right). We are doing fine now financially, and unless our traffic blows up again (we upgraded our servers once after we had to go offline for three days due to traffic spike) we should be able to last until, well, forever. We do have some really cool sponsors who help us foot some of our bills.

If you’re an advertiser, then contact me for a rate card. We have got a readership which is bigger than even the best distributed property magazine in Malaysia, and we are probably the best read property blog in the country. Our engagement numbers are amazing (well, that’s what our email provider Mailchimp tells us) – our email open rates is twice the industry average, while our click through rates is a whopping ten (10!) times higher than the industry.

Our email rates are 2x the industry average according to MailChimp.

According to MailChimp, our open rate is 2x the industry average…

... and our clickthru rate is 10x better than average. Pop the champagne!

… and our clickthru rate is 10x the average. Pop the champagne!

In short, if I may say so myself: advertising with gives you the best bang for the buck, bar none. There goes my crappy lil’ sales pitch. 🙂

But Wait, Before You Take Out Your Wallet…

If you’re an avid reader then you’ll know that I am somewhat ‘hostile’ towards property gurus and investment clubs. I think these entities do more harm to people than good, and I therefore can’t support them in any way in good conscience. Therefore, I will politely decline any offers from property gurus, seminars and clubs (I get those solicitations regularly as well – up to a point where I had to put a spam filter up).

At first, these emails were amusing, but now they are just as annoying as a zit on my nose

These emails used to be amusing, but now they are just as annoying as Candy Crush requests on my Facebook

So, if you’re from a property club or you’re a guru – sorry lads, I respect your hustle, but the goodwill with my readers is not exchangeable for cash. NOT FOR ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY.

Deal With It

And finally, to agents, no, I don’t do commission-sharing deals either, unless I’m married to your daughter and you pull a Robert de Niro on me. Reason: I’d rather be a dorky blogger than a debt collector, thank you very much.

DealMatcher: Status Updates

About two months back I had (quietly) launched a service called the DealMatcher (check it out) where I help readers by doing the research (and some limited analysis) as well as connecting them to agents (that we like). We are now receiving some 350-500 enquiries monthly now with a good number of buyers finding the properties of their liking (see the testimonials of some of the happy home buyers at the bottom of the DealMatcher page).

There are, however, a number of areas which we do not cover (notably the fringe locations like Kajang, Seri Kembangan, etc), but you’ll receive a reply from me anyhow. Usually I turn away enquiries for places where we don’t have a panel agent that we can trust (hint, hint).

So if you’re an agent, say so in the DealMatcher form, and I can also connect you with home buyers (if we decide that we like you). What particularly pisses me off are agents posing as buyers, which as far as we are concerned are in the same scumbag category as the money grabbing guru’s and scam-inar douchebags. Please, please don’t be on’s shitlist. 😉

Finally: with your help, we will meet our next vanity milestone (100,000 users), reach out to more home buyers, fight the good fight, help the good guys win, and ultimately weed the scam-peddling scums out of this business. We can do it!

Love you guys,

Khai Yin signature

Khai Yin (contact)

PS: Leave me a comment below. I like getting messages from my readers. Yes, I have got a big ego.

PPS: I ain’t kiddin’. Start posting 🙂


  1. first to post!

    congratulations on the big milestone. i too sometimes wonder how u manage to build up this site, and i suspected that you’re not just ‘another’ blogger because it’s too professional to be an amateur site!

    anyways kudos, and if i’m with a developer i’ll give you some business, but alas i’m not… but thank you for helping me in my deal matcher request – yes, i submitted last month

    thank you khai yin, your work is top notch

    n. koh

    • Thank you Noah. Very kind of you.

      You should have seen my first blog. “Horrendous” would be an understatement. 🙂

      I hope you are able to find that elusive Mont Kiara condo that you’re looking for. Your requirements are very, well, unique. 🙂

      Khai Yin

  2. Tian Chye says

    Congratulations and keep up the good work

    By the way, is Bangsar in your coverage area for the deal matcher?

  3. ok, confession time, i’m a seminar junkie. i go to many of these purportedly “free” events obnly to realize that i get pitched in the end for a con(CON)tinuity program. You should see how they whip out a frenzy at these seminars…. you’ll feel like a total loser if you don’t sign up.
    Aint gonna suckered again mate… as george dubya once said, fool me once shame on me, fool me again you aint gonna fool me again


  4. MEGATRON says

    Good job KY

  5. Good stuff Khai

    I’ve got my time wasted by sucky agents… good ones are hard to find

    • Unfortunately the good agents are often lumped together with the bad ones. With GoodPlace, we want the good agents to win, and for the bad ones to fix their shit. No more bait and switch, stolen listings, undercutting deals, etc.

  6. KY – just saying, so i hope i don’t rub you the wrong way. There’s definitely some money to be had from seminars and investment clubs – just look at the crowd that they pull. There’s a sucker born every minute, but why not take some of their monies back from them, and channel back to a good cause (goodplace)?

    just a thought.


  7. congratulations on the 50k, khai. here’s to 500k !

  8. Congratulations and job well done, Khai Yin!

    I agree with you 100% on what you say about “gurus” and people who run property seminars. I don’t attend such seminars because I feel that they don’t have participant’s interest at heart. I also believe that they make more money out of their seminars than the property investment strategies that they preach. I’ve wriiten a blog post on this at http:/ regarding those get-rich-quick property investing schemes.

    Thanks for your sharing and may the “good guys” win!

  9. Love your post! and the scribbling of “how about no” gives me a kick in laughing my heart out!
    Keep up the good work! Thumbs up for you and your team…its a blessing to have found your site!!

  10. Congrats, Khai Yin!

  11. Thank you for the awesome guides posted continuously. Its very useful for newbies like me 🙂
    Kind job Khai Yin. Hail good guys!!

  12. Thanks a lot and good job, Khai Yin!

  13. I stumbled upon this site when I googled 9seputeh. Love the content and your style of writing. Its hard to find unbiased property reviews that are well written and insightful. Most are sub-par and go into any forum, the wisdom is all over the place hidden between trolls and useless posts.

    And keep being an independent.

  14. O.K. Kairali says

    Thank you so much Khai Yin for this excellent website with all the invaluable information you come up with each week! Can’t wait to read the latest updates each week which I find truly interesting and informative! Kudos and thanks for sharing!!

  15. Sheila Azhar says

    Very good blog to keep up with the new developments and “What We Think” provides a good insight about the projects. Thumbs up!

  16. Khay Yin, i stumbled upon your website when reading. Thank you for having the buyer’s interests at heart. It is becoming a very bleak future for many with subsidies being removed, inflation on the rise and for many, buying a home will only be a dream. We need voices like yours in this nation. Rise and shine! Let this industry be liberated. Let your voice be heard!

  17. Hi KY,

    I hope you are as genuine as you claim you are — fighting the good fight for the “good guys”. Stumbled upon your site when I was researching to purchase my FIRST property. Clearly I’m a complete newbie and know nothing about Malaysian properties, other than the insanely rising prices making it close to impossible for a 20-something middle class income earner like me to ever OWN a house without FAMA (father mother loan). Hope your site would be reliable for people in the same boat as I am. I really like the humour and sarcasm spin. Keep it up!

  18. congrats KY,

    i like your blog. really love it. Thanks for the knowledge shared and the tips. you are doing a really good job. keep it up. Kudos!

  19. Thank God I discovered your site. The rest of prop sites out there are laden with paid advert, which now sits on top of my pet peeves list.

    Oh ya, can you share how you weed out the bad ones? I mean, those good ones that are on your list, you have met them personally and dealt with them previously? just curious 🙂

  20. In chinese metaphysic, there is a philosophy namely “Heaven, Earth and Man”. Our Fate is revealing different event at different time at different location. The outcome of this revealing either bad or good is subjected to the “Man” interpretation. Good thing maybe a bad thing to some people and vice versa. I still remember this quote by “Robert Kuok” which stated that Success is the starting point of failure and the failure is the starting point of success.

    Beside the “Man” part, Earth in this respect is equal important as it affecting our thinking quality and clarity. Earth in chinese metaphysic is referring to mountain and water existed on earth over a thousand year. The condition of the mountain and water surrounding us will impact our thinking quality which indirectly influencing our judgement on certain matter.

    That’s why, egg exist first or chicken exist first? Same goes to the above opinion: Earth affect quality thinking of human first or Human affect earth quality in which will affect quality thinking of human.

    Man & Earth are required to exist together at anytime.

  21. Just accidentally bump into your blog through a random google search. I was in my late 20 now and I really losing hope of getting a property now in Malaysia. And just right today, I google on how to find undervalued property in google and boom, your article shows up! It’s really getting me so excited again about getting my very FIRST property and I really wish to learn from you and hopefully soon getting my own very first deal. Thanks for your continuous sharing, keep it up!

  22. I am an owner of 2 properties. Would like to sell them. How do I go about advertising on your blog.

  23. Joanne PY says

    Hi Khai Yin,

    Few of my friends have been strongly recommending that I should check on your website. Very interesting indeed!

    We would like to know whether you are open to offer your services or any kind of collaboration with developer? We are currently working on a very nice project in Ampang area.

    Looking forward for your revert via email. Thanks

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