GoodPlace Guide To Property Cashflow Generation

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In Malaysia, buyers tend to buy property because of the capital gain when prices go up in the long term, but many tend to overlook the fact that the property CAN generate significant cash for the short term! As rental yield is taking a nosedive in the Malaysia property market in the recent years it’s becoming even important for the savvy investor to know the ways to maximize cashflow from a portfolio of properties.

Inside this brand new report, you will learn…

  • Separating “good” from “bad” investments from a cashflow point of view – the three criteria for property selection
  • A method on computing the “true rental rate” which is similar with the “true market value” calculation which you have learned in the “How To Value A Property” report
  • Examples of calculations and sample spreadsheets to use (tools developed internally by – please do not share)
  • Out-of-the-box ways to make short term buys look attractive
  • The art of the hustle – brokering deals to other buyers, and more.

And as usual, our good friends Goldie and Patrick are back with a memorable tale with a cautionary twist in the end. ๐Ÿ™‚

We are currently putting the finishing touches on the report, and when it is ready, we will first send the report out to those who leave comments below. We will make the report available later at the GoodPlace Shop where it will be tentatively sold for RM25 1.

Leave your comment below to get the first-hand, unpolished “directors cut” version of the report for free.

  1. Depending on the deal we are working with MPH. We can’t undercut them, obviously!


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