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We are out to make real estate fun again!

Let’s face it. A lot of coverage out there on Malaysia real estate is pretty darn BORING. The fact is that most of us Malaysians really like properties, but much of the stuff you see just makes you wanna CRY.

The point of GoodPlace.my is to make real estate fun again, and that you shouldn’t need a PhD in realestateology in order to understand what the heck those “experts” talking about.

In short, we’ll make it simple and fun for you to find a good place. ☺

That's me (Khai Yin) monkeying outside Marc Residence - one of my favorite-st condos. :)

That’s me (Khai Yin) monkeying outside Marc Residence – one of my favorite-st condos. πŸ™‚

A cosy home in the leafy suburbs of Mont Kiara. I like it a lot!

A cosy home in the leafy suburbs of Mont Kiara. I like it a lot!

What you can do here at GoodPlace.my…

Here’s how to get started. First off, download our free series of Mini-Guides by going here. Then, go sign up for the weekly GoodPlace Digest e-letter – lovingly curated and emailed out every Wednesday for your mid-week reading pleasure. πŸ™‚

Finally, bookmark and read my frequently updated blog on Malaysia property, with our popular GoodMentor columns (my conversations with my uber experienced real estate mentor), home buyer guides, and curated news on Malaysia property (focusing on new launches). In the pipeline: personalized advice, forums, Q&A’s and curated listings. Coming real soon! ☺

Meanwhile, also check out our never-before-seen DealMatcher service – click here.

So why am I doing this, you ask?

Well, it started off as a labour of love. I love looking at and writing about properties, and I love the Malaysia real estate industry – warts and all. And as you could possibly tell, I really enjoy doing this stuff!

I started this website as a side project after getting really frustrated with the process of searching for a home. It totally sucked and wasn’t really enjoyable for me… and so I thought I’d do something to change all that.

Buying a home can be rather stressful; which is not surprising since it’s probably one of the most important things that one would do in his or her lifetime. But with the right information and tools we can make the process better and more enjoyable.

The Binjai - reputedly one of the most expensive piece of real estate all of Malaysia.

The Binjai – reputedly one of the most expensive piece of real estate all of Malaysia.

GoodPlace.my was built at HackerHub in many sleepless nights fuelled with caffeine.

GoodPlace.my was built at HackerHub over many sleepless nights fueled with caffeine.

Come pay us a visit!

I ply my trade at the HackerHub in SetiaWalk, Puchong. I had built HackerHub to host events and meet like-minded people (read: hackers) in the Malaysia startup scene.

Hacking up code and stuff can be mind numbing sometimes… so do come over and give me an excuse to stop working once in a while. To find me at SetiaWalk, go to the lift lobby between Yamagoya Ramen and Tipsy Coffee. Then, take the lift up to the 6th floor. Look for the HackerHub.my signage.

My snail mail address and contact form can be found here.


  1. Parikshat Chawla says

    Hi guys – fantastic site. Such a refreshing change from the norm.

    Would love to see a feature on how Malaysian developers are targeting investors overseas and the various exhibitions / expos they target. Also, comments . feedback from various agencies that specialise in getting overseas buyers.

    I’m in the overseas properties business myself, currently based in India but potentially making a move to either Singapore or Malaysia soon and would love to see a section dedicated to coverage like this. You could probably even monetise it going forward.


    • Thanks, PC. Sorry that I missed your comment.

      We do get a sizable number of expatriate enquiries through our DealMatcher feature, but for now we do not have plans to produce content targeting expats per se. Do contact me if you need any help.

      • Hi Khai Lin,

        Been some time and my move may possibly happen in the next couple of months finally.
        Very interested in speaking with you about targeting overseas clients or contacting agencies that serve expats. Can you send me your contact details to my email address, if possible?


  2. Hi Khay Yin,

    Could you tell me where the above photo, marked “my dream home” is located. I like it too and was trying to find out more since I saw it in
    Tim Murphy’s “Buying Asia – Malaysia” series. Thank you for sharing.

  3. It is John Galt that brought me here. Looking forward to see more balanced view in this blog.

  4. I really enjoy reading your insightful articles. Keep up the good work!

    If you are actively investing in property, would you like to join our property investment group? We are very experienced property investors with a newly setup group, intending to explore & buy properties together. For more info, please email to me….only if you are serious. Thanks!

  5. Hi, how can i contact you through email? Would like to check on the write up / ad in your blog.

    Thank you.

  6. Great website Khai Yin. I am impressed by the effort that you put up on this blog and the other one too. The reviews are informative and I particularly like your down to earth approach. I had read most of your articles here and particularly noted your view that KLCC is one of the areas where one could go for long term. I personally second to that and the reason why I myself am investing in KLCC. Keep up the good work and thank you!

  7. Hi.
    Great informative website. I was wondering if you plan to feature any properties that would be at the Luxury Expo this week?

    Not going through your Dealmatcher for this but it would be great if you can do a feature on properties on Sri Kembangan. I saw 2 interesting properties e,g Sunway@Eastwood and Eden@Jalil and wondered if it would be a good buy between those 2.

  8. Thanks Khai Yin
    Please email me the template.

  9. Hi,

    Great and informative site. Just wondering if it is possible to contact you through e-mail for further enquiries’ sake?

    Look forward to hearing back.


  10. There is no doubt that GoodPlace is fantastic site for providing insightful property information. To cure my curiosity, i hope that you can tell me the following:-
    1. How does GoodPlace survive without charging a fee for providing valuable information? How does GoodPlace generate income?
    2. Are you (Khai Yin) a full time property investor? How do you make a living?

    From YH who are eager to know more πŸ˜›

    • YH: we do get advertising deals from time to time from both developers and agencies. At the moment, I make (most of) my money elsewhere, so there’s no pressure to monetize GoodPlace at all.

  11. Khai Yin,

    Thanks for your reply and i would like to express myself again…. GoodPlace is really not only “GoodPlace”, it is a “NoblePlace” for the people who want to know about property!

    JiaYou (Add Oil)

  12. Nice site. Well thought and well presented. Mabrook.

  13. Hi Khaiyin, thanks for the effort and informative site. I’m a banker by trade and was just wondering if you’re open to possibility of us (agents and you of course) to work together? If you’re please do drop me an e-mail and we will take it from there. Have a nice day!

  14. Hi khai yin,

    When are you going to publish your book? I want to buy it asap

  15. yamamoto honda says

    Hi there,
    the fun of real estate in Malaysia?!!!!!!!!
    reading this and the rest of your propaganda about one of the most corrupted sectors in Malaysia is rather astonishing. quoting: “the sector is driven by emotions…” you can not be addressing the property sector as this one is driven by GREED ONLY.
    starting from the planning office, the architect, the developer, the banks and the agents without an exception all greed driven!
    in general the quality of the properties are at a stand still and still of a under developed country level; no isolation, mainland china hard ware quality, no double glass, second quality tiles, wrongly mixed cement,etc. are the QUALITY indicators of Malaysian construction industry.
    Workmanship? What can an industry offer if the sector is solely run by foreign workers from countries where the majority of the rural population still lives in cottages together with animals?
    the greed factor has not only resulted in UNAFFORDABLE properties for the majority of the population but in the same time highly OVERVALUED properties; the average house is not even worth half the asking price.
    how could it grow that far? Simply, all parties involved in the game know that the customers are looking for SHORT TERM profits only and are dressing up like investors. the fundamental investment horizon for properties is LONG TERM in sophisticated and mature markets e.g. Europa 10 – 30 year depending on country.
    the quality/price relation, but even more the life expectation of the property is overruling the Malaysian one several times.
    a special word on the professional know how of the agents: in general and of course the exception confirms the rule, it is a shame for the nation. most of them can not see the difference between a car park and the living room. selling their soul for just a ringit more commission by cheating the principal and even better the principal and the client on the same object.
    who to blame for this? very simple and no questions about it: THE CUSTOMERS!
    acting like a day trader( of shares) does not really contribute to solid sector and value for money concepts.
    for the genuine investor: stay out of Malaysian properties as there is more quality for better prices in other countries with solid long term returns.

  16. rosalind says

    Hi Khai Yin

    your photo in front of Marc Residence – is it one of my favorites too. unfortunately we sold it 1 year ago.
    may look for another unit in the near future. looking forward for better deals.


  17. Hi Khai Yin!

    Awesome site! Its such a breath of fresh air to the current dusty real estate market.
    Keep dishing out the butthurt to those snake oil sellers!


  18. Christine Lee says

    Hi Khai Yin, do you mind to share your opinion for strata office suite in Pavilion Damansara Height. price at 1400psf? Considering a unit at 1600sf. High maintenance at approx 1.50psf though. Would you put your dollar in? Thanks

  19. Hey Khai Yin, I was trying to subscribe to your Goodplace Digest mailing list but there’s an error:

    Mailing List Not Active
    This mailing list is not currently active.
    Please notify the website owner.

    Hope you can fix it so I can subscribe! Awesome content!

  20. Everlyn Wong says

    Hi, Khai yin.
    Can I have your contact number or email address?

  21. Hi Khai Yin, My name is Natasha from Nawawi Tie Leung Property Consultants. We are the Exclusive marketing agency for The Greens @ Subang West project. We would like to invite you to give a talk about the industry to our clients. We would like to discuss with you further about this and appreciate if you could drop me a message and will contact you as soonest. My contact number 010-4041712.

  22. your contact us page link is broken. can you email me what about this data?

    The GoodPlace Saturation Index is a data point which provides insights on how pricing of a property may move in the future depending on supply and demand relative to its nearest, most comparable properties in the same vicinity. As such, this metric will be relevant more to investors instead of own-stay buyers and renters because it can be a surrogate to the yield potential which can make or break any (long term) investment.

    I’ll spare you the technicalities behind the computation of the Saturation Index here, but even if you’re faintly interested, our methodology involves some heavy processing of data from Google (simulating demand) and our internal agent data (simulating subsale supply) as well as publicly available sources (simulating new supply). It’s pretty exciting stuff, and if you geek out for data like me and want to know more, contact me

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