Tribeca – GoodPlace Walkability Score

Tribeca GoodPlace Walkability Score

Tribeca Bukit Bintang has a GoodPlace Walkability Score of 90.

Tribeca: Walkability Scorecard

EndpointTypeDistance (metre)
StarhillShopping Mall400
Checkers Café Restaurant73
Jalan Imbi Chapel Place of Worship210
Hello LaundryLaundrette400
Bintang PalaceBar220
Balai Polis Tun HS LeePolice Station2,700
Bukit Bintang MonorailPublic Transport650
GPS Coordinates: 3°08’47.3″N 101°42’56.7″E

Updated: March 20th, 2016.

Walkability is a measure of how walkable a property is from amenities and public transportation points. Especially true in the case of city apartments and condominiums, walkability can be a strong predictor of rentability. Additionally, GoodPlace’s preliminary data set seems to suggest a directional correlation between walkability and capital appreciation over 5-10 years.

For more information about how the GoodPlace Walkability Score is calculated, click here.

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