Top Ten GoodPlace Home Buyer Guides Of 2015


GoodPlace guides have been read a staggering number of 219,803 times in 2015. As our first blog post for the new year, here are the top ten home buyer guides (ranked by popularity) in 2015 to help you step up your game. Happy new year and have a great 2016!

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Enjoy the guides! 🙂

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A True Malaysian Gooroo Horror Story

GoodPlace reader and guest writer Barry tells a real life encounter with a local Gooroo and his scheming ways. Really, I should just start naming and shaming one of these days, dontcha think?


“Investor Psychology” Series: The Biggest Mind Trap Of ‘Em All

You’ve been duped every day by the things you read and watch. This is a follow-up to last year’s article on investor mind traps.


The Gekko Strategies: Uber Risky Methods For The Ballsy Investor

We shall not be held responsible for the actions you choose to take from reading our articles. Especially this one.


Real Estate Monetization Strategies: What You Need To Know

So an old mate from Taiping turned up at my office one day with a first world problem.


Miss X: How Watching Zombie Movies Gave Me A Killer Money Making Insight

One of the most profound lessons that “Miss X” had taught me.


Top 21 Tips On Winning At Property Auctions (As Contributed By Goodplace Readers)

Last year, I had asked GoodPlace Digest readers who were active in the auction market to submit their best tips on how to, well, win auctions. Here are 21 of the best.


This Changed How I Think About Property…Forever

I have an epiphany of sorts after bingeing on a bunch of books recommended by The Mentor over the weekend.


Why I Don’t Like Property Crowdfunding

I’ve yet to hear anyone who got rich participating in these schemes… except maybe the scheme owners themselves. Cough.


Top Seven (7) Lessons I Learned In 2014

These lessons still ring true, months down the line.


The Geek Investor’s Toolbox: The Five Metrics That Will Make You Rich

We are featuring a guest post from a self-confessed geek who made his monies using cold, hard math to buy and sell property.


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