This Week In Property (Ending August 9th, 2013)

A rather quiet week leading up to Raya with no new launches over the past week. Au Foong Yee posted a rather concise summary on the issues plaguing the Malaysia real estate industry in this piece on The Edge (YB Minister, Over To You). Foong Yee also touched briefly on bumiputra discounts which is always a touchy subject; HBA proposes that a limit on the purchase on first two houses is imposed.Will this see the light of the day. Rather unlikely.

News & Happenings. There has been continued buzz over the Iskandar region despite Lee Kuan Yew pouring cold water over it in his new book (read Reuters coverage here). In the short term there seems to be sustaining momentum due to increased demand from the Singaporeans as reported by our good friends at Property Guru (see this). Meanwhile, the Malay Mail reports that Malaysians are one of the most prolific buyers of London properties; has this been boosted by the high profile Battersea project by SP Setia? We think so. 😉

Views & Opinions. BFM posted an interview last Friday with Adrian Ung, writer of “Achieving Financial Freedom Through Real Estate” – click here to listen. Sounds like an earnest guy with some good tips on leveraging on bank loans to maximize returns on real estate investments (I especially like the angle on the advantages of Islamic financing which is often overlooked). But as many readers of GoodPlace would know, I’d rather steer clear from anything that reeks of guru-isms, and the red flags are apparent (rags-to-reaches, “return of the prodigal son” back story, over-usage of terms like ‘make money‘, ‘investment products‘, ‘leveraging‘, ‘financial freedom‘). Still, a worthy listen at only 21 minutes. Now more than ever, first time home buyers are facing the pressure from the worsening mismatch between wages and price of properties; Chang Kim Loong wrote this insightful article on how properties are now priced beyond the salaries of new graduates which is rather alarming.

We look forward to a more eventful week in Malaysia real estate after Raya. 🙂

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