Setiawalk in Pusat Bandar Puchong

Picture this — the best shopping complexes, hip and urban serviced apartments, exquisite fine-dining restaurants, and corporate offices, all neatly-tied up in a luxurious package, located in a thriving and an established community?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Setiawalk is NOT that, unfortunately. Yes, it might be one of the venerable SP Setia’s flagship projects, but while it’s rather passable as an integrated development, there’s lots left to be desired in many ways. First, some disclaimer: GoodPlace’s office is here, but we receive no financial incentives from this review directly or indirectly (we are renting!).

Now let’s cover some groundwork. Setiawalk is located in Pusat Bandar Puchong. The Puchong vicinity is a well-received township, with a population of some 250,000 (and growing rather rapidly too – look at the traffic buildup on LDP every morning at 7am).


Setiawalk’s mixed-development theme is relatively a new one for this side of town, and it’s is definitely leading the way in making Puchong the latest to-go destination because of its commercial establishments and serviced apartments. We are seeing this trend catching up in greater KL and also in Penang (see our real estate predictions for the island state); as more Malaysians are getting fed up with the traffic congestion (let’s face it – getting stuck on the roads for 2 1/2 hours every day sucks mega donkey balls) there will be HUGE demand for these property types. You hear this first at 😉

One-Stop Place-to-Be…?

Setiawalk is made up of corporate offices, retail and shopping complexes, restaurants and cafes, an entertainment complex, and serviced apartments. It is built on a massive freehold land which measures at an impressive twenty-plus acres. Divided into 336 office spaces and 170 retail shops and units, these are split into 85 staggering blocks of four, six, and seven-storey shop offices. There are also a small handful of SoHo units – one of which is occupied by GoodPlace (come pay us a visit!).

Setiawalk, Puchong

Strategically nestled on elevated ground are Setiawalk’s serviced apartments. These are: Solace, Brio, Vio, and Trigon — all of which have good views of the Setiawalk’s not-too-bustling commercial area, situated around a rather nicely manicured park. We like the park. Shame about the shops.

Living @Setiawalk

Solace, Brio and Trio are serviced apartments have built-up areas that range from 845 to 1,387 square feet. Apartment units are 759 in total, including SoHo units, which measured at 1,500 square feet. The latest addition to the Setiawalk serviced residents is the Trigon. A serviced apartment with 28 storeys, its expected date of completion is estimated to be in 2014.

Residential tower of SetiawalkSome rather nice amenities, of course, are readily made available for its residents. They include a wading pool, fountains, water jets, sand dunes, and a cascading waterfall. Adding a dramatic touch are modern sculptures that line the serviced apartments’ entrances and lobbies. They may seen as pretentious and over-compensating to some… but they are quite nicely done. Reminds me somewhat of those sculptures outside some Mont Kiara condominiums. Really. 😉

Layouts for the serviced apartments are as follows: 845 square feet, 1,007 square feet, 1,096 square feet, and 1,396 square feet. Residents are given one to three parking slots on its covered parking bays.

Average for sale prices for these serviced apartments range from RM520 per square feet, listed back in March 2013 – this might have increased marginally by 10+% since then. Check the listings at your favourite property portal. We like iProperty. It’s one of the best property classifieds website in Malaysia, right up there with Property Guru, Prop Wall and Star Property. Until we come up with our own listings service, that is. *wink*

Eating, Drinking & Frolicking @Setiawalk

Puchongites definitely know how to get their fill of fun. 😉 Setiawalk boasts of a large entertainment complex that a brand new cinema (TGV – the Beanieplex!), a small-ish but functional gym, restaurants and cafes, and a karaoke lounge is rumored to come in soon.

The retail outlets are all seem to be pretty inactive, and the saving grace are (some of the) restaurants and the watering holes. Yes, pubs are doing well here, and Setiawalk is fast getting the reputation of being the numero uno drinking place in Puchong, beating the nearby IOI Boulevard by nearly a mile… hallelujah! Brussels Beer Cafe is hands down the best of the lot; the Hoegaarden Rosee brew is hard to beat. The Beer Factory is also a top choice with a rather nice ambience with its “industrial factory” design. The others: 3 Wise Monkeys, Horoscope and Myhome Pub are rather off-the-mill, although Muzeum has got some pretty good lunch deals (chicken chop for RM7.90). Fancy a game of darts? Head on to iDarts Gold in Block C. Want to shoot some balls? Try Lucky World Snooker in Block A.


Food-wise, the choices are rather ho-hum. Amelio is somewhat like Brotzeit with its pork-laden menu (and the price tag to boot without the ambience). Cafe Barbera serves fine pasta, but seems to be somewhat empty most of the time, while Padi House is rocking it despite a derivative menu offering pretty much everything under the sun. There’s also a nice burger joint “Gourmet Burger Kitchen” which serves rather tasty burgers (say that in a Samuel L Jackson voice) but is somewhat off the beaten path on the first floor. In the last few months, at least two makan places went out of business – notably Sharetea despite occupying one of the best spots in the whole of Setiawalk, and another coffee-and-bubble-tea joint which is now replaced by My Sweet Hut. If you’re craving for your Chatime-style bubble tea drink then your best bet is Ding Tea which unfortunately faces “outwards” to the LDP unlike the others.

The retail scene is, sadly, quite non-existent. BATA closed its outlet here about two months back. Some small-time boutiques (with names as generic as Elizabeth Boutique, 5s Boutique, Irene & Jojo) line up the ground floor of Block C offering the usual Sungei Wang fare. There’s a guitar shop in Block C with a friendly shopkeeper who would dispense six-string advice to whoever who visits the shop – no matter if you’re there only to get a bottle of polish or a pick.

HackerHub @Setiawalk

Celebrity Fitness in the “Setia Mall” wing is nice although somewhat small – if you’re here after 5pm be prepared to jostle for weights and benches. If you’re a workout buff and you thrive on your daily concoction of creatine, DMAA-laden Jack3d and whey protein shakes then The Muscle Factory has just opened up an outlet here in the D Block.

GoodPlace.MY’s Take: Yay or Nay?

We have developed a love-hate relationship with this place ever since we moved in here. This place is literally five minutes from where we live, and since we now don’t have to get stuck in the daily LDP crawl we have been able to crank out reviews like this on more frequently. 😉 But if we don’t live in Puchong, we don’t think we are that interested to come here. #truestory

Red sculpture in front of SetiawalkFirst, the positives. Apart from its location, we like the integrated development concept, and the overall layout is done very well indeed with a nicely landscaped park and water features. F&B choices are ample (but not superior), and the choices of pubs are excellent if you’re in the company of drinkers.

But sadly, apart from its pubs and some eateries, Setiawalk has not been able to develop the retail part of the development – possibly because the lack of an anchor tenant. (UPDATE: APRIL 2014 – previously there were “RedTick coming soon” banners put up at the Mall, but those have been removed. Nobody’s sure if they’re still coming or not… but we do need a grocer here, desperately.)

Additionally, many of the office lots are not rented out – just look at the property agent banners plastered all over the place. Eyesore.

Also, some tenants have been complaining about the noise from the drinking holes – but come on, fellas… what do you expect living in a mixed development like this? You want the retail convenience and the occasional drunken night out with your buddies at the pubs just at your doorstep, but peace and quiet at other times? You can’t have your cake and eat it too, you know. 🙂

Setiawalk also suffers from some other niggling problems:-

  • Broadband is, for a lack of an apt term, shit. You can’t get Unifi here. Maxis owns the “final mile” which means that you’re pretty much stuck with what they have got to offer, which means that you’ll have to pay over-the-top prices for comparatively slow connections. Why let one telco monopolize an entire area? It’s a bad deal for everyone, except maybe for Maxis. And while I am at it, the customer service at Maxis (for broadband solutions) is exceptionally bad. Our line went down for seven days before they sent an engineer over. Worst. Telco. Ever. (UPDATE: APRIL 2014 – we are finally wired up with an 8Mb broadband line. Performance reviews later.)
  • The car park is rather badly designed with lots of blind spots; as one of the tenants quipped to me recently – “accidents are just waiting to happen.” Also, the layout seems to encourage drivers to break the rules and turn into wrong lanes for some reason. And don’t get me started on the dumping grounds which also happen to be in the car park next to each lift – which means that visitors will get to inhale the putrid smell while they wait for the lift. Why, oh why?
  • Lifts are dodgy. They break more often than usual. Quite dirty at times, too.

Bottom line:- SP Setia should focus only building up the retail / office part of the development. And of course, fix the broadband / car park/ lift problem!

Setiawalk holds much promise, and mixed development properties like this will increase the vicinity’s value, as well as put them on the map as being one of the places-to-be for entertainment, fun, and modern living. But it’s not perfect… far from it.

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When I am not writing for and helping my readers find properties though the DealMatcher service, I spend time doting on my three kids: Wenyi, Qinyi and Eian. My personal stuff, some published essays and contact details can be found at


  1. hi guys

    the LRT extention with a station jus 5 minutes walk to setia walk was planned to built (station 7).. Will it materialise or its just another ding dong rumour?

    • Prem – the station will be on the other side of the road (near the Rakan Muda complex). Hardly a 5 minute walk!

      • The LRT station opposite Setiawalk (ST07) is undergoing construction now. Less than 5 minutes walk COVERED walkway from Setiawalk. The one near Rakan Muda is ST08.

        • Thanks, David. I stand corrected.

          • Hi, sorry to disturb but can briefly explain which station should I go to reach the nearest to setiawalk? Pushy bandar Puchong lrt station? And then when I reach, can I just walk to setiawalk? Or do I need to take grab to reach the place?

            Ps:I’m a traveling girl, so I need help in this pls?

  2. A SetiaWalk Enthusiast says


    You forgot to mention the Top/Best 2 restaurants in SetiaWalk – Agape (western) & Asam House (local home-cook).

    Agape – The husband (chef) & wife team is full of passion. And this is served with love. I truly enjoy their menu.

    Asam House – My day-to-day restaurant. Believe it’s the most affordable (no government tax & no service charge), if not cheapest/value for money. A simple meal with great tastes.

    Thank you.

    • Need to check out Agape, thanks for the suggestion! Not a fan of Asam House – found the food to be mediocre at best. Relatively cheap though.

      GBK serves some really nice burgers, too. Check it out.

  3. Nice post on Setiawalk.
    We will be very happy if we can exchange links for each other.

  4. Hello,

    I guess we are also left out here.
    We are The Journey at Blok B-3-G, with great ambience and good food. An underdog due to our location at opposite end of Setiawalk.

    Our pastas, Breakfasts and Lamb grills are our specialty. Come over to try!
    Have a look at our fb page

    Thanks for your support.
    Branch Manager @ The Journey

  5. Thanks to A SetiaWalk Enthusiast for your compliment to Agape love your food.
    Khaiyin, you are very welcome to Agape.



  6. Looks more like a dead place, not properly managed.So many unoccupied spaces and rats are running everywhere.

  7. Hi, I would like to share my view as an Architect-investor. Setiawalk fails in 3 fundamental aspects:

    1. Access. There are two parts: Internal and External. Internally, as a mixed development it is very hard to plan in terms of logistic, because you have to factor in residential, commercial, retail, and maintenance traffic. Setiawalk did ok as mentioned in the article above. Externally, it is about the integration with the LDP. This is extremely important, simply because you need to pull in the crowd, and turns out the drive-in experience is just bad. It is not intuitive, even getting out is confusing.

    2. Visual Impact/Attraction. The location is superb because anyone along LDP will see this project. However, nobody could have guessed the retail facing beautiful landscape concept inside (water cascading + courytyard,) . Seriously, not even Architects. Even more importantly, you need to SHOW the crowd what is in store for them inside.To illustrate my point, literally, please take a look at Empire’s development. It is always cladded with logos/brands on its facade. Also, there is also a fair use of glass to bring inside-out. For example, Empire Subang’s Rakuzen restaurant interior can be seen from the street.

    3. Retail mix. I will elaborate further when I get the time.

  8. 3. Retail mix. The only mall that performs well without an anchor tenant is Sungei Wang. Unfortunately this is not BB Walk. I visited Setiawalk on a recent weekend with my family, and we enjoyed a nice walk and a nice meal there. But that’s about it. No anchor tenant (even smaller scale developments like Scott Garden has Tesco, Empire Subang has Tangs, even a revived Rhythm Avenue has Carrefour).
    The only thing we could do was go home. Wow, that was the cheapest weekend for me.

    All and all, these are my opinions based on few recent visits. I am not a Setiawalk investor, nor am I sadistic to wish it to fail. In fact, I live nearby and I enjoy going to nice mall. I hope Setiawalk will do well, that of course, only time will tell.

    • Parkson PR says

      We are very surprised an architect couldn’t notice our existence in Sungei Wang Plaza. We are the anchor tenant there. Hope to see you soon!

      LG, GF & 1st Floor,
      Sungei Wang Plaza,
      55100 Kuala Lumpur.
      Tel: 03-2142 4622
      Fax: 03-2144 6572

  9. Dear Parkson PR,
    Absolutely happy to see your feedback here. Yes, Parkson is the anchor tenant in Sg Wang Plaza. Event I is a migrated Malaysian (to Australia) knew that. Recently just moved in to Setiawalk, comment: nice place, good management and well designed.

  10. Hi Khai Yin,
    May I know what is the Setiawalk office rate? Minimum size? Approximate rental? Thanks

  11. Bernard says

    There are many unsavoury seedy gangster characters here from 9pm to 3am everyday. They frequent the very noisy establishments…….bloody nuisance to all the residents here!!

    Please bear in mind that this is no Amsterdam where people drink, smoke, even smoke marijuana but are civilised, cultured Europeans. Here it is the opposite.

    The main roads adjacent to Setiawalk are lined up with cars etc , blocking the roads , causing traffic jams etc. No enforcement by the authorities whatsoever !!

    The corridors, lifts, walls of the apartment blocks are filthy.

    Security should be beefed up at all apartment blocks as the few civilised residents don’t feel safe at all.

    Nice place?

  12. Lawrence says

    Failed commercial area with no cable internet. Hence why so few office move in, other than rent factor.

    Fantastic getaway for afterwork and weekends, the great selection of food, the scenary, movies at TGV.

    • Well, to be fair, Maxis has got a new fibre service in the area.

      I was on a 1Mb line for RM150 per month for eons (I know, I know). When the service was made available, I immediately jumped at the opportunity and upgraded to 8Mb. Then I found that they have been double billing me for BOTH the 1Mb line and the 8Mb line.

  13. Just discovered your site. Being a banana myself I love the writing, the humor and the seemingly unbiased property reviews 🙂

    WIll be back for more and will be recommending your site.

  14. Food-Wise, the place seems to be getting worse. For example, we dropped into Asian House Setiawalk for dinner – looks nice from outside but with the food, comes flies buzzing around too. When we nicely tried to alert the staff, they seem to pretend not to understand English. What humbug. With the food also ?? , hopefully is not representative of the direction of SetiWalk. Sad.

  15. pros – 1) ample of parking at B2 at RM3 a day. a lot of eateries.
    cons – 1) food can easily cost above rm20 per meal as most of restaurants practice 15% tax. asam house, been there twice don’t like the service & food at all. 2) day time it’s a dead place but come to live at night. 3) internet provider Maxis only & believe me their service sucks! after almost 2 weeks of 8 times complaint only then they came but without solution. telephone line after a month still no one came after few follow-ups. 3) road congested if you there before 10am, 12pm-2.30pm & after 4.30pm. 4) staircases around the beer factory & sector 7 are filthy. dumpster place next to the elevator goes up to block B? 5) blind spot mirror mostly fail check the one from B2-B1. 5) it is a challenge to enter the area as there is no traffic light, traffic come from front and left at the same time. 6) rental, RM7.50 per sqft unless you rent a whole floor for minimum rm3500. could easily find better deal else where.
    So what say you?

  16. Danny Chan says

    OMG the place sounded like SEDIH-Walk to me…I only visited the place for TGV cinema…

  17. Gary Rogars says

    Hi,i want to tell a weird story went i at setiawalk.i park my car at B2 carpark,at there have something weird thing.can you tell why b2 carpark too less car parking at there and is it something happen at b2 carpark? TQ

  18. shirleylok says

    can i know parking 1 day how much ? coz i wan start work at setia walk already , then my car wan park at b1 .. then if i park 11am -11pm is how much?

  19. Since the last time I wrote, SW has improved tremendously.

    Less noise, greater security in the apartment blocks, much cleaner and nicer people all around. I would say it’s one of the nicest places around ….

    The MRT is also taking shape rather well.

    Overall it’s a good investment.

    • Bernard – gotta agree… somewhat. The crowd is also thinner now which makes more a more peaceful workplace (for me). However, retail and the restaurants continue to suffer. I’ve stopped counting the eateries which have closed – Bad Boy Cooks, The Journey, Big Spoon, Gloria Jeans, and a significant chunk of Grand Shanghai – Ah Cheng Laksa and my favourite hokkien mee place… the list goes on. The drinking holes are still prospering though.

      Parking is still a safety hazard with many blind corners and drivers haphazardly parking even in designated private spots. This is becoming a real nuisance when drivers know that enforcement (i.e. clamping) is pretty lax. Courier vans (TAQ Q BIN) also like to park just outside the lifts for their own convenience at the expense of the others.

      Investment-wise, not too sure. My landlord (I’m renting here) told me that the prices really didn’t go up that much after all these years. Initially I had thought of just buying over this unit from him, but nah.

      • Been observing Setiawalk since the construction completed until now. I think this project didn’t live up to their expectation and failed tremendously in terms of the retail and mall. Biz are not able to survive and it will be even harder to get new biz to come into a high risk location. Generally, Puchong is already oversupplied with commercial area. Setiawalk’s rental rate is among the highest in Puchong area. If they can’t attract the crowd to come in. There are no reason for the good brands to pay such high rental.

        Main problems for Setiawalk design n concept..
        1. Malaysia’s hot weather,rainy and now hazy.
        2. Bad accessibility to the mall.
        3. Lack of public toilet for the retail area.
        4. Lack of Hp signal n choices of broadband
        5. Shops facing outside are worse than facing inside
        6. Lift are not accessible after 12am.

        • David Yuen says

          I totally agree lack of toilet. You can find one but walk a far distance be prepared may under service, then you must ready to find another god knows where.

          The management is doing good job to test the guest hold power.

  20. Hi All,

    May I know what is the monthly car park rental rate? I will rent a room in Vio (R1).

    Thanks in advance.


  21. Anyone here know is there anyway to complaint the security ? The security use ‘ your mother ‘ to scold me even in front of his manager. Although his manager said sorry but i feel that he is the one should said it. Just want to know anyway to complaint the security? Feel unsafe when i know my car is guarded by this kind of people.

  22. David Yuen says

    Cannot find toilet. What a poor management.

  23. How to get to the office car park?

  24. Francis Lui says

    I’m not sure whether the Fengshui there is good or not and it seems most of the company unable to survive.

    Francis Lui

  25. The mix of tenants for the shops here sadly does give me the impression of Scott Garden. There is just too many bars/drinking place in Setia walk…

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