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Mont Kiara Damai

First of all, let me share some great news. The GoodPlace network is now on track to reach 50,000 unique visits per month, having passed the pivotal 4,000th subscriber to the GoodPlace Digest (GPD) list early last week.

(To put things in perspective, even the best selling property magazine in Malaysia reaches less than 3,000 people a month, and the most trafficked local property blogs (outside of classifieds sites like iProperty and PropertyGuru) register less than 1,000 uniques per day.)

This has made us feel pretty good, and to celebrate, we are going to release a series of Premium Buyer Guides to our dear readers for free. Yes, free. Percuma. 免费. இலவச.

To paraphrase a young reader who emailed me over the weekend, “Why are you so moronic that you’re doing things for free?” Well, the answers to that question are (1) because I feel like it, and (2) see reason (1). Not everyone has got an agenda, my young grasshopper. Besides, I get my bills paid – just not by pimping out this site.

Now without further ado, I present to you…


Inside this concise, all-killer-no-filler, 35-page Mont Kiara Buyer’s Guide, you’ll find the answers to three big questions –

  1. Is there a glut in Mont Kiara?
  2. Where are the best investment opportunities within Mont Kiara?
  3. What is the fair price to pay for <property name here>?

Additionally, you’ll also get a Comparison Sheet (in Excel) which maps out every Mont Kiara property across these important aspects:-

  • Transacted price (a sample of the most recent transacted prices in PSF)
  • Trend of asking prices for the past three months
  • GoodPlace Walkability Scores (GWS) – more on this later
  • Pros & cons of each property (we pull no punches here)

Below is a screenshot of the Comparison Sheet –

Use our "Comp Sheet" to compare between Mont Kiara properties, side by side

Use our “Comp Sheet” to compare between Mont Kiara properties, side by side

Even if Mont Kiara is not in your focus area currently, you’ll still find plenty of examples on how to analyze a property for fair price and investment potential. Also, you’ll be able to request for Premium Buyer Guides to be developed for the area of your choice. 🙂

I read through the MK guide and its awesomesauce man! The good, the bad and the ugly… just what everyone needs to know without the sugar-coated BS.”
Amanda Andrew, Savills Rahim & Co

These buyer guides are eventually going to be in the soon-to-be-launched GoodPlace Store where we will sell our proprietary guides, but for now you can get it for free. Right click on the links in the download box below, and choose “save as”.

And that’s not all… here’s more free stuff!

Free: Mont Kiara Walkability Maps

Especially true for Mont Kiara condominiums, being able to walk to nearby amenities and transportation choices is becoming more important by the day (and especially so with the horrendous KL traffic which doesn’t seem to get better). So for the past couple months, our small R&D team here at have been experimenting with a new feature that computes the walkability of a neighbourhood by pulling together a couple of data points to compute what we call the GoodPlace Walkability Scores (GWS).

The GWS is built on top of Google Maps API and is scored using the walking distances to:-

  • Basic amenities such as restaurants, clinics and schools.
  • Secondary amenities such as drinking spots, entertainment outlets, laundrettes, shopping centres and police stations.
  • Transportation points (taxis, train stations).

We apply a “dampening factor” on the overall score which increases logarithmically with distance. The maximum GWS score is 100.

We have since rolled out this feature for KLCC condominiums (more details at our sister website on KLCC properties here), and at the time of writing we are doing the same thing for Mont Kiara. Apart from computing the scores, we are putting them on a beautifully drawn Mont Kiara map which you can download and print if you like.

Get this set of Mont Kiara walkability maps for free - just leave me a message below!

Get this set of Mont Kiara walkability maps for free – should be ready in a couple days’ time.

And as you should know by now I’m a real stickler for details and perfection, but we are already putting the final touches to the maps which should be ready sometime in the week. When it’s done, I’ll send you a copy via email. 🙂

Now scroll all the way down to the “Speak Your Mind, and leave me some feedback. Also, let me know if you want a Premium Guide for any area you like (Bangsar? PJ? Ampang? Cyberjaya? Iskandar? Kampung Timbuktu!?)




About Khai Yin

When I am not writing for and helping my readers find properties though the DealMatcher service, I spend time doting on my three kids: Wenyi, Qinyi and Eian. My personal stuff, some published essays and contact details can be found at


  1. Stephanie Song I-Tin says

    Thanks Khai Yin. Very generous of you! Do you also have guides for PJ area and also USJ?

  2. Surintharan M. says

    CONGRATULATIONS KHAI YIN AND GOODPLACE! I like the no holds barred reviews and articles which are very refreshing, different from the usual BS you read from magazines and from the developer websites! Keep it up!


  3. Please send me the maps, thank you Khai Yin. And congrats on the 50k

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    I would like to request for the maps also please!

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  6. Thanks Khai Yin. It is very generous of you! I would like to take the opportunity here to ask the status of the coming episode of Goldie & Patrick “simple methods to maximize cash flow from a property purchase”? Can’t wait to read it. Thanks again, good day.

    • Andy: we have actually got up to five new episodes of Goldie & Patrick stories already done up. Just need to edit them and dress them up a little. So much to do, so little time…

  7. Thanks Khai Yin, Awesome review…sometime down the pipeline, if possible, something on Puchong please…which part of Puchong is your choice…but Puchong is definitely heating up..
    Thank you

  8. Can you send me a guide on cyberjaya please. Thanks

  9. Thanks Khai Yin. Wonderful of you doing all these research. Do appreciate what you have done and do count me in for those Maps.

    Thanks with regards,

  10. Jerry Lim says

    May I have the Mont Kiara Map? Are you doing for KLCC too? Is it the same as Goodplace sister website KLCC Condominiums?

  11. Awesome stuff Khai Yin! Looking forward to the maps when they’re ready.

  12. Great job on the detailed survey done….looking forward for Premium Guide for new growth area such as Iskandar, etc

  13. Very generous of you to share out such detail analysis, great job and keep it up. Not forgetting to congratulate you on the 4k subscriber milestone 🙂

  14. Among of all the property blogs and website, I find that is the BEST! Besides the graphic illustration and nice website layout, the most compelling would be the content and the information given. It is easy to comprehend and straight to the point, and I’d really enjoy reading your blog. DOUBLE THUMBS UP for you Khai Yin!!

  15. jason chui says

    Great stuff!!

    High resolution map? Yes please.

    Guide for Bangsar, pj, damansara perdana, shah alam, puchong, subang, usj, bukit jalil ….. YES PLEASE !!!!

  16. Angela Leong says

    Thank you so much for the Mont Kiara Buyer’s Guide. Looking forward to receiving the Mont Kiara maps. Would be great if you can also do a Buyer’s Guide for PJ area. Happy Investing

  17. Great Info and thanks.
    May I know the details of how to calculate the GWS?

    • The algo’s like this: 100 – sum of (walking distance score to Xn), where Xn is the amenity, which is in turn scored by order of importance (schools and police stations score higher than, say, the mamak shop). It’s lots of math, and we have built the algo on top of Google Maps (it makes calculating distances a breeze). I can share the formula with you if you like – just email me.

  18. Dear Khai Yin, love your blog and your style! Stay awesome!

  19. Your report is great! Pse strive on. You have all our support!

  20. Nice stuff you have shared! Please share the map with me once it’s ready, thanks.

  21. Ahmad Aminullah Roslam says

    Hi Khai, really appreciate for all the info that u provide. I did use it in choose my first home. Can I request the guide for ara Damansara area. Thanks.

  22. Great job. Would appreciate the MK map when available. Was told about the new TWY project. Being a newbie to buying property and being used to PJ-living all my life, would appreciate it you could offer some advice as to whether this TWY project is worth buying for own-stay for a retiring old couple. (via email if possible)

  23. Josephine Chee says

    Thanks Khai Yin, for everything, the info and the education, etc.. etc.
    I look forward to your KLCC guide and map..
    Keep up the good work.. many silent readers like me are very appreciative of your work.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Thanks, Josephine. Please don’t be “silent” – I don’t fancy talking to walls much. 🙂 By the way, the KLCC map is available, and can be downloaded here.

  24. Wow, totally impressed! Great work. I can even take this as reference to boost my property value (optimistic) when I decide to sell mine at Laman Suria. Although not sure why it isn’t reflected in the pricing tiers nor was it in the excel file. I see fair bit of renovation notices through-out the year within the premise which i suppose reflects some percentage of transactions.

  25. Excellent insight on MK properties! I would appreciate if you could email me a set of Mont Kiara walkability maps. Thanks!

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    Thanks so much for all the great stuff. You are really generous. Oh yes, I would love to have the high resolution Mont Kiara map please.

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    I read your post every week. Your buyer’s guide is excellent. Coupled with the walkability scores, it really adds to estimating the valuation of the property. Just one thing, I don’t have any units in Mont Kiara. Perhaps you could send me the KLCC buyer’s guide, that would really be helpful.


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    • Hi Khai Yin,
      I Can’t seems to open the MK comparison excel file , anyway to email me.Pls email me the MK map also.


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    I’ve been reading your blog silently since a few months ago, firstly because I am living far from kl, (also far away from Timbuktu), and secondly I do not read out loud any thing I read.. 🙂
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    Pls continue the good work! Like to have access to the MK map too. Thanks.

  40. Khai Yin

    I’ve just gone through yr Excel Sheet, it’s indeed a great job. I am not sure how long you spent to complete the whole thing, one thing for sure is you have done an excellent job. Keep up your good work & all the best.


    • Thank you, Ivy. Much of the time was spent chasing JPPH for data, but then again we requested for literally hundreds of transactions (inclusive of both Mont Kiara and KLCC).

  41. Thumbs up Khai Yin and the team! 😀
    Understand that your next target will be KLCC and Bangsar, but I think you may want to consider Sungai Besi and Old Klang Road for your next sharing. I believe both places will become the next rising star in the near future.
    Thank you very much for your sharing! 🙂

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    Could I request for the Mon’t Kiara GWS map as well?


  46. Charles T says

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    Recently, I started to explore on Bangsar South area. What do you think bro?
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    Patrick Teow

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    • Hi Ryan – I’ll email you separately. I’ve also removed your email address to keep you from getting spammed by, well, hustlers. 🙂

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    Thanks for writing this great guide for Mont Kiara properties! As always, your articles are useful and informative. I would surely like to receive a copy of the Mont Kiara map as well. Please email me. Thanks again!

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    Hi Khai Yin,
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    Dear Khai Yin, congratulations on a great work you have performed. Thank you so much for this comprehensive analysis for the first time in the home buyer guide. Currently I am interested at Casa Kiara I and Casa Kiara II, could you please share your expert thoughts on these two assets at my email

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