Miss X: How Watching Zombie Movies Gave Me A Killer Money Making Insight

Miss X Strikes Back

Note: this is the final part of my interview with Miss X:- check out the first two parts here and here. FYI: due to the influx of requests to contact her and a barrage of emails that I have forwarded to her, she has asked me to politely decline further questions / solicitations for her contact details / “joint venture” requests / movie and dinner invites, etc. Thank you for understanding.

Now when we last left our heroine, she told me about getting her investment insights from, of all things, zombie movies.

Oh, noes.

I’ve heard crazier things before about people getting their inspiration about making money from anywhere (except the obvious places like “how to stop being a loser and fire your asshole boss to be financially free by noon next Friday” weekend seminars, Guru courses, and the latest craze: pompous, self-important property advice blogs). But Zombie movies? I wasn’t sure if she was entirely serious. But then again…

Barney Hottie

“Zombie movies?”

She grinned widely. “At the beginning of almost every zombie movie, when the opening credits start, a map imagery always gets shown how zombie infections spread. A tiny blob on the map would then spread out rapidly from place to place, rapidly turning the whole map blood red. Have you seen those?”


The biggest zombie movie cliche of all time

I laughed. “Yes, I have seen enough of those, certainly.”

She leaned in. “You see, Khai Yin, real estate development is just like that – a zombie viral infection! If an area is hot, then it will quickly run out of room. What happens next? The adjacent areas will then be infected.”


“I have found that in many cases, hot areas eventually become too hot, and new sub-sale stock soon starts to breach the area price median,” she continued. “This is when I start looking at the next closest geographical neighbourhood. This means that buying up cheaper, below median price sub sale properties in areas next to hot spots will be safer bets than continuing to pile up on properties inside the hot spots which may reach the ceiling soon“. (Khai Yin’s sidenote: this is similar to what we have talked about previously about the Spillover effect)

The Strategy For The Risk Averse

This strategy can be seen as uber conservative, and that’s the whole point,” she said. “It’s not for making the proverbial fast buck.”

I agreed. “Most would rather chase the next hot launch, buy a unit, and then wait to flip to make quick money.”

She smiled. “I remembered when I came here a couple of years back, I was looking for a condo in KLCC. An agent alerted me about this very attractive new launch which was priced at a very central location and priced at about RM850 on a per square feet basis. I did a quick fair value calculation and true enough, it was priced well below fair market value for reasons known only by the developer. Nowadays, units there get sold at RM1,600 per square feet, almost doubling the launch price.”

“So did you buy?”

She shook her head. “No. You see, I’m not that kind of investor. I have learned that opportunities like that are exceptions rather than the norm, and I’d rather be conservative than opportunistic.”

“I’m pretty defensive myself, and my guides at GoodPlace are written from the perspective of a defensive investor,” I said.

She laughed. “No wonder you don’t get along with the Gurus. The more exuberant their crowd gets, the more money they make. You, on the other hand, don’t even believe that everyone should buy property.”

I smiled. “Property investment is not for everyone. But if it’s for you, it’s worth doing properly, and dare it say it, slowly. It’s not about shooting for the moon.”

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