GoodPlace Property Cashflow Maximization Guide (Free Download)

The third installment of the “Adventures of Goldie And Patrick” is ready to download! In the current climate of rapidly decreasing yields and sky high property prices, it’s increasingly crucial to have cashflow generation as the core of your property investment strategy. In this short, 13-page story ebook, we’ll show you how to do it. 🙂

  • Uncle Patrick’s three golden rules of investing (pay special attention to the third!)
  • What “Rent Multipliers” are, and why this metric is important
  • How to calculate if you’ll make good yield in three simple steps
  • “Short-term” investments – the trick to making them attractive
  • Other ways to maximize cashflow: quick flips, multi-lets, brokering deals

Click on this image or button below to start download (it’s in PDF format):

GoodPlace Cash MaxDownload Guide

If you have missed the first two episodes, go here and here. (Excuse the crappy formatting!)

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Special thanks to the following GoodPlace readers for this episode’s feedback: John Teo, Saraswathy, Micah Ali, Roy, Daniel Tan.

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  1. I was blown away by the first two guides, but this one completely takes it out of the park. Publish the book, KY, I will be first in the line to buy it!

  2. Yes, please! Catrina

  3. Give me please, thank you

  4. Devendran Ramasamy says

    Nicely written

  5. Good guide and positive cash flow is the way to go in !!!

  6. Kindly include me in the priority list. Thanks.

  7. Hi khaiyin,

    Can you published your book/ebook and put me in your priority list?

    Would love to have all your insights on everything you need to know about property.

    Please email me / guide me to all your previous archive guides (GPD).

    Thank you

  8. Please do keep me in the mailing list!

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