GoodPlace Homes Is Live!

First of all, drop everything you’re doing, and watch the short video clip above. It is only 2 minutes and 30 seconds, and will give you a quick overview of what the portal can do for you. Be sure to watch up till the end. πŸ™‚

Then, go here:-

GoodPlace Homes (It’s Live!) ← click this

To (re)search, simply enter the property name in the search bar. For now, we are only covering KLCC and Mont Kiara, and only properties in those areas will get displayed in the results.

To give the portal a test run, enter mk11 (this is the name of a condominium in Mont Kiara in case you’re not familiar) in the search field and click Go.

You will get the results in the form of a “Cheat Sheet” for MK11 (everything you need to know about the property in a single page) as well as some curated listings from our trusted agents on the GoodLeads panel.

Alternatively, if you only want to look at listings, you can click on these links:-

To help you further, here’s a fun guide on how to do simple analysis using GoodPlace data –

How To Interpret GoodPlace Data

Note: I don’t know how the server will withstand the onslaught of traffic during the launch, but if the site slows down please be patient.

In case you missed the link, here it is again –

Our Sponsors


The launch of GoodPlace Homes is sponsored by our good friends at the Property Report magazine and the Low Yat Group. Thank you, thank you, thank you. πŸ™‚

GoodPlace Needs Your Help!

Once you checked out the portal, let me know what you think! Especially important to me are constructive comments that I can use to make the portal better.

Now here’s something awesome. Readers who post the most useful comments (positive or negative) will get a free 6 month subscription of the Property Report magazine sent to their door (this is the printed magazine which sells for RM20 a pop, not some email newsletter) anywhere in the world. So start posting!

About Khai Yin

When I am not writing for and helping my readers find properties though the DealMatcher service, I spend time doting on my three kids: Wenyi, Qinyi and Eian. My personal stuff, some published essays and contact details can be found at


  1. First to post!

    Awesome stuff! Love the extras – walkability, saturation, fair price. It’s really a good addition to the blog, or is it the other way round?

    Would love to have a free sub to PRoperty Report, too. Hint Hint

  2. Congratulations, KY


  3. Khai yin, this is great. have you considered expanding this to other areas? i’m not looking for upmarket properties now… but this will be useful for all properties, not just expensive ones


    • @Jennifer: yes, of course. But right now we’ll focus on the upper end first – particularly Mont Kiara and KLCC.

      There are also listings for other places for now – here’s what we have so far –

      As of now, we only have Cheat Sheets (with pricing, valuation, walkability and saturation data) for Mont Kiara and KLCC properties.

  4. Roslinda Jaafar says:

    Well done, Khai Yin. Here’s my 2 cents on the tool –


    * Clean interface. I really hate clutter…. when the only thing I really use in properties sites is SEARCH. I like the focus on the SEarch bar
    * Map is very useful, especially when I can use it to check out nearby properties
    * Cheat sheets… this is like research on STEROIDS. Everything I want on one page
    * Walkability and Saturation – cannot get anywhere else. Pricing data now freely available though at
    * Pictures are great! Big pics, non-grainy quality, excellent


    * Limited listings? From what I see, around 200 only?
    * Not sure if it’s my problem only, but the site seems slow to load… a couple of seconds even before anything appears. πŸ™

    Hope that helps somewhat, Khai, I hope you do well


    • Thank you @Linda – very useful feedback!

      My response to the stuff you don’t like πŸ™‚

      1. Yes, quite limited for now. I’d focus on quality now rather than quantity, especially when resources are somewhat scarce. πŸ™‚
      2. I am aware of this. Let’s see how the site performs (speed-wise) post-launch. I hope the server doesn’t melt during this launch… there are already signs that it’s already buckling. God, I’m nervous!

  5. Hello KY, do you have a guide on how to use the site? Tx

  6. Su Boon says:

    Well done ky. Who is that chick at the end of the video, lol

  7. Darren Koh says:

    Is the magazine subscription for free? I am in Australia, can you send to me? Or only for your readers in Malaysia?

    • @Darren – yes, it’s free, and shippable to anywhere it the world. Give me your best feedback so that I can select you for the free subscription!

      This free Property Report subscription is sponsored by, well, Property Report. My favourite property magazine in the whole wide world. πŸ™‚

  8. i’m a huge fan of your blog. this tool is impressive. i hope you don’t stop blogging though!

  9. πŸ™‚

  10. meejawa says:

    1. Increase the pipe : Returned 508: Resource Limit Is Reached when I searched, and when I could it’s pretty slooowww… πŸ™‚
    2. Have predictive input (like propwall). Sometimes a single space or dash can render a valid property kosong in search result.
    3. I looked around but could not find where “posters” can go to, ie if I have a property to rent/sell. Can we have a dedicated page/section/portal for this?

    • @meejawa – yes, the server’s buckling under heavy traffic. I should have launched this ‘quietly’!

      Predictive input is great – it will be in the next iteration.

      I’ve deliberately made it hard for “posters” to find me because I’m quite a stickler for quality. But you know where to find me. πŸ™‚

  11. Alright, I’m getting an avalanche of emails telling me that the site is returning “508: Resource Limit Reached” errors, and is grinding to a halt.

    Just gotta ride it out I suppose. Do try again later when the euphoria dies off!

    This picture below aptly describes how I feel now.


    After watching the video, it looks easy to do it and with great informations.
    Tried it out but it takes quite a while for he result to come out though….

    Keep it up !!! Bravo!!

  13. Amy Teo says:

    After watching the video, it looks easy to do it and with great informations.
    Tried it out but it takes quite a while for he result to come out though….
    Keep it up !!! Bravo!!

  14. Neat video & great site Khai Yin w nifty (and much needed features!).

    Congrats on the launch!

    The online prop market search… is forever changed πŸ˜‰

  15. most useful comment – buy more bandwidth. your website is now down –

    “Resource Limit Is Reached

    The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later.”

  16. Congrats Khai Yin. I’ve been trying to enter but failed miserably with error message :

    Resource Limit is Reached

  17. goh k rhee says:

    Hi Khai Yin, Can’t access to the page. 508 Resource Limit Is Reached. Bandwidth koyak?

  18. hi khaiyin, the reason why your site is slow:
    before that, please do not get offend, i am software engineer/ web developer.
    1st. you using wordpress. all rojak and spaghetti mix together
    2d. you hire cheap/mediocre web developer to do your stuff, if they are not hired, they are less experiences on it. it look like you only focus more on look and view(UI/UX) at first
    3rd. you using wrong hosting, u host your content in exabytes, whether it is VP or shared also not recommended. Plus it is very expensive and have many downtime problems.
    4th. all your script and images are not-optimized and customized
    5th. i suspect the database structure design has some mistake(very bad designed) based on this web requirement, some sqlquery stuff seem missing hehe
    6th. where is cache
    7th. if you wish to create an mobile app, need add another thing.

    if you can stand the pain, revamp the site and change hosting provider

    you may consult your friend/mentor , founder of, with their technical team. they can help you to solve this. or i can help you to solve this with enhances more necessary features if i can be one of the partner or a joined.

    Dont worry, it is very common and understandable if a business people make this type of mistake.

    • @Yan7 – yep, we are aware of all that. Probably not the place to talk about here, but we are migrating to a dedi box + CDN, as well as to enable caching / image optimization. WP is fast and easy to deploy – it took us 45 days to build. Rojak code is inevitable!

      Gotta disagree on the “mediocre web developer” though. He did well given the constraints.

      And no, I’m not running back to Jobstreet for every little problem that pops up. πŸ˜‰

      • just now i just roughly give the generic reasons of this site errors, there are a lot deep details need to consider for building this kind of website too. it doesn’t matter how long it takes to build and some maintenance, site quality is more important, i am not sure how many developer you have, since you site already get sponsored , cost should be no problem i think. hence solution should be easily to solve as long as have enough funds.
        * good in design doesn’t mean good in design in scaling.

        • Exactly – it’s a problem that money can solve.

          I was more worried if I couldn’t get people to come. So this is probably not a bad problem to have I suppose.

          • hmmm. money can solve both technically in application and hosting if you know how.
            the CDN part is belong to hosting,
            there are 2 part of cache:front end and backend
            the so called “predictive input” is called keyword search prediction.
            search for “autocomplete jquery plugins”

          • Kinda leery of adding yet another plugin for now as it adds even more overhead. Especially JQuery… according to Firebug even the minified JS file takes some 2-3 seconds to load.

            Anyways this is getting a little too technical for the readers, so let’s take this offline.

  19. Loading fine for me? Or I’m late to the party…

    The “price value” indicator is very useful to me, it saves me time in quickly filtering out those which are too high or too low price (fake). Is there a way to search only fair value properties, ie only those marked in green

    Also, like someone above said, a section on how to post properties. How about owner-submitted properties?

  20. Jerry Lim says:

    Hi Khai Yin,

    Well done on the launched of GoodPlace Home, though I was trying to access it since morning and only able to make a few search just now. Nevertheless it is something many of us waiting for.

    I will skip about the Goods, and straight to some of my feedback and some already mentioned.(keep my finger crossed for the magazine ballot):

    1. Definitely need to load faster.
    2. The search result is a bit confusing with 1st part is The GoodPlace CheatSheet and second part is the sales listing. Maybe you would like to put the condo info into the sales/rental listing page.
    3. When I am viewing the info on the sales listing, I think the map should be put somewhere in the middle or below.
    4. If possible, maybe can list down those recently transacted price for the condo in the sales listing page instead of needing to go to GoodPlace CheatSheet.
    5. If possible, maybe can list down those for rent listing in the sales listing page as well so that investor can evaluate the estimated rental yield.
    6. Have predictive input in Search box. When I search for “Hampshire Residence” return no result, but when I keyed in “Hampshire Residences” then will return the correct result.
    7. Similar Listing doesn’t look very similar to the condo I was searching. Need to return better similar Listing.
    8. Get In Touch section, maybe you would like to make it standout, as you need the reader to take action. It is too normal and plain that reader might miss it.

    That’s some of my feedback. Hope I am not asking too much.
    Overall, it is a very good start. And hope to see more listing!


    • Thanks @Jerry!

      1. Yes, working on that – both optimizing the script, content (especially pages) as well as moving / upgrading servers and getting CDN (Content Development Network for the uninitiated)
      2. Yes, the listings link back to the Cheat Sheets (specific sections on Walkability, Price and Saturation)
      3. Noted. The map can also be used to “jump” to another listing, and so it also doubles up as a navigation tool.
      4. Up for debate, really, because the data is common for all listings in the same area / condo.
      5. We are short on rental data for now, but for completion, I agree that we have to include rental also.
      6. Predictive input is the most requested feature for now. πŸ™‚ Will be in the next iteration.
      7. Similar listings will be more “similar” when we build up the database. Now it’s not too accurate because the available listings are not that many. So there’s nothing wrong with the algo – we just need more listings.
      8. Do you mean the form that you use to contact agents?

      • Jerry Lim says:

        Yes. I mean the contact agents form need to be some more ‘stand out’ to get people attention if they are interested in the unit.

        And maybe can put more info about the agent, so that buyer can have more faith in getting the honest agent.

        • @Jerry – yes, we will also have agent feedback, and s/he will also be rated in terms of quality of service, reliability, response speed, etc.

  21. First of all congrats for launching this awesome site! Still early days but I can tell it will be a killer.
    My comments:
    1. Have a property list on your frontpage, something like propwall has done. For a casual visitor who has no property in mind when visiting the site, its a bit awkward to be staring at a search bar, esp with no predictive text. I’m aware there’s a list of properties with cheat sheets somewhere on the site, but it’s not apparent enough.
    2. A bit slow.. Get ready to revamp your back end, this site crushes the competition in features so expect a tonne of traffic!
    3. A ranking of the most in demand properties would be cool.
    4. When I searched ‘MK11’ there’s a ‘bug’ at the end of the cheat sheet when you scroll down. a link called ‘sex’ after the ‘average travel times by car’ section. At first I thought it was an easter egg left by you LOLLL. Especially since its a link to a video heh.

    Thats all I can think of for now.

    • @Jamil,

      1. Great idea. We have thought of listing out the properties but the landing page is already too bloated for now…
      2. Yep, that’s my priority right now.
      3. Ranking by what though?
      4. The Easter egg – it was a joke which didn’t turn out well. Still worth a chuckle though, me thinks!

  22. Was very excited to click into the link only to find it only covered KLCC and Mount Kiara =/
    Hope there will be Penang’s properties coming up soon.

    Overall, I find the cheat seat data very informative as I am a beginner.
    If such useful data available online, I’m wondering if we could actually get a good price from the owners.

    Good Job for all your hard works!

  23. Much faster this morning! Will take a look and then give you my feedback!

  24. Goodplace offers detailed analysis of each condo but i many not be able to read EVERYTHING. As a buyer looking for a property to buy, i may not know all the condo names in that particular location, therefore, i may need to do a search like what iproperty offers, based on different criteria.

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