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The GoodPlace Digest (GPD) is a lightweight newsletter sent via email to our subscribers every Wednesday afternoon at 2pm. It’s 100% handpicked and curated by me personally (not some big, faceless company!). Only one email a week.

Subscribers to the GoodPlace Digest also get digital edition of the How Much Is Your Property Worth? book (free).

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  1. It’s really helpful, thank you

  2. Irene Yee says:

    thanks for the information on property market in ur blog. It is very valuable for raw investors and home buyers, keep up the wonderful work!

  3. Great stuff. Truly informative and useful especially for newbies like me. Looking forward to reading part 2. Many Thanks!

  4. Can you send me link to GoodPlace Digest #006 to #012, thank you.

  5. Hi khaiyin, the archive links doesn’t seem to work.

  6. Hi khai yin…where can i get GPD 34 onwards?

  7. Hi khaiyin,

    where can i find all your collections of GPD?

    Would love to read n study your beautiful insight n information.

    thank you

  8. Michael says:

    Hi Khai Yin,

    Appreciate if you could send me a link to Goodplace Digest.

  9. Quite practical !!

  10. Very informative and step by step guide. Looking forward to learn more. Thanks

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