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Looking flashy in his v-neck cardigan and dress shirt plus skinny tie is Ben, nervously looking at his watch. It’s almost 4:00PM.

“I wonder if everything’s okay?” Ben’s thoughts seemed too loud to hear.

Goldie and Angela were supposed to meet him at the entrance of Suria KLCC at exactly 3:00PM. It’s hard not to get worried—in Singapore everything and everyone seems to be on time so things like these make Ben nervous. He stirred his already-cold cappuccino (he had taken a seat at the cafe at Chinoz overlooking the lake), and looked at his watch again.


Finally, out of nowhere, he felt a tap on his shoulder. It was Goldie. She was wearing a nice dress, and he noticed that her glasses’ frames were different. She was with Angela, who was looking nice as always, plus a man wearing a hat and glasses.

“We are so sorry we are late, Ben! The jam over at Jalan P Ramlee was terrible—it took us almost 30 minutes just to make a turn to get here!,” Goldie apologised.

“It’s okay! I was actually starting to get worried. Thought I was going to get stood up,” said Ben, with a light chuckle. “But it’s all good. By the way, is this place okay? I mean we can transfer if you’d like.”

“It’s all good. Chinoz’s got great bicerin, so it’s not going to be a problem,” Goldie reassured him.

“And by the way, I’d like you to meet Uncle Patrick—he’s been teaching us the ropes about everything real estate ever since I’ve expressed interest in it just a couple of months ago,” she replied.

Uncle Patrick offered his hand, and Ben took it and gave it a firm shake. “Nice to meet you, Ben. You’re looking sharp! The clothes that I have on right now are pretty embarrassed!,” he jokingly said.

“It’s nice to meet you too, sir. And no worries. You look sharp yourself,” Ben said.

Angela gave Ben a gentle tap on his shoulder. She told Uncle Patrick, “Don’t feel embarrassed, Uncle Patrick. You look good,” she said, before turning to Ben. “It’s probably the Singapore Swag. I mean come on. Everyone dresses the same! It’s amusing. But don’t get me wrong, Ben. You look great, really,” said Angela.

Uncle Patrick and Ben took the ladies’ beverage orders, and finally, the four sat down and finally got settled. Ben cleared his throat.

“So, thank you for coming out and meeting me, I really appreciate it. I never thought my visit to Malaysia would be this soon! I mean it’s only been what—one month after that seminar?,” he asked.

Penang condominiums“Got that right. Angela shocked me with the news that you are already here when she visited our house last week. She said she ran into you. It’s amazing,” Goldie replied.

“I know. Well—I got a few leads on this Penang condominium that is up for investment. I don’t know. Someone referred it to me, this old classmate of mine back in the day—and said it’s worth checking out,” Ben answered.

Uncle Patrick took a nervous sip off his coffee. Angela stifled a chuckle. Goldie kicked Angela’s foot hard under the table. “Well, Ben. That’s actually one of the things we’d like to discuss with you about,” Goldie said. She continued, “See, Uncle Patrick here is acting like our sort of guru for the past couple of months now. He’s been helping me and Angela know all the tricks and techniques when it comes to investing on property. Right, Uncle Patrick?”

“Yes. Definitely. My self-esteem is always on a high when I’m with these ladies,” Uncle Patrick said with a laugh. He reached for the nearest doughnut and took a bite. “So, Ben. I heard you have your eyes on Penang? Have you thought about it hard enough already?,” asked Uncle Patrick.

Ben shuffled nervously in his seat…

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