Abandoned Property Monies Part 1: Your Biggest Problem Is Your Faulty Brain

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Hello, my name is Calvin. You may have known me from Khai Yin’s blog post last week about how I made my money selling crap properties that others don’t want, and in particular, how douchey I was when I sold our ancestral home for pocket money.

Now thinking back, I do feel pangs of regret from time to time, and truth be told, I still wake up in cold sweat from that sordid little episode. If I knew this would happen to me, I wouldn’t have done it. I mean, I should have held on to that property because that house could have been sold now for $450,000 now instead of the kacang putih that I had gotten when I sold it! Darn, I never felt so gutted in my life, I tell ya.

When Khai Yin asked me to write in his blog about my methods on how I make money, I hesitated quite a bit – because I didn’t want the ten (twenty?) nincompoops who read his blog to turn up in Taiping with bags of filthy lucre to go head-on with me in acquiring abandoned properties. But then again, I’ve got what footballers call the “home advantage” – Taiping is my turf, and I’m not just bragging when I say that I can easily run circles around whoever who tries to mess with me in this sleepy little cowboy town. Believe it.

The Abandoned Property Game: The Fundamentals

Despite the successes that I have had, I am not the least embarrassed to admit that I had screwed up many more times that I would care for. In fact, my first real estate project (in Kamunting, just north of Taiping) was so messed up that I drove to my old cinapek boss’ mansion at 1.30am to beg him to bail me out, and to give me back my old job.

Eating humble roti canai was easy especially when you were as broke as Kanye West. With debt levels up to my eyeballs and ah longs hot on my coattails, I was at that time about $100 away from doing gay porn. Driven by my desperation, I had begged my old boss on all fours. And yes, I really went down on my knees.

He wrote me a check for $100,000. And then, he looked at me dead straight in the eye and said:

“You know what your problem is, boy? Your brain is faulty, that’s what.”

As I was driving home in my Mercedes C-class (which got towed away later in case you were wondering, you schadenfraude-lovin’ sadist), I pondered about what he had told me. While I didn’t do that well in school (OK, I nearly failed my SPM), I had always prided myself at having lots of street smarts. I certainly wasn’t an idiot!

Upon further reflection, I came to a couple of conclusions. Now the following may sound rather hokey pokey to you but it is true. Indeed, now that I’ve got some level of success in real estate I’m more than convinced that the following is the single biggest driver behind my achievements.

To be good at real estate you must first manage your own psychology.

That was what my old boss meant when he said that my brain was “faulty”. What he meant was that my brain wasn’t just wired to be in this business. Real estate is first and foremost a psychology game, and my boss knew that I just didn’t have the right mindset, beliefs and mental discipline to make it work.

Buy Low And Sell High? Well, Good Friggin’ Luck

Now unlike that Khai Yin jackass I’ve got no axe to grind with “Real Estate Gurus” – in fact, I’ve got massive respect for a lot of them. Why? Simple really… it takes a good amount of hustle to convince people pay them money for stuff that are obviously true. And I have always liked good hustlers irrespective of what they peddle – real estate Guru seminars or life insurance schemes or interracial gay porn DVDs or other equally scummy things, it doesn’t matter. A good hustle is a good hustle.

One of those bleedin’ obvious things that Gurus tell you is that in order to make money in real estate, you gotta “buy low and sell high”. Now this is what you learn in Darjah Satu at the property investment school, and virtually every Ali, Mutusamy and Tan Chak Ngau knows about this piece of Guru advice. But despite this, how come most people fail to make even a single sen in real estate?

Here’s why – the reason people find it difficult to buy low and sell high is purely psychological. When you find a competitively priced property at below market value, you’ll always wonder if you could buy it at an even cheaper price. Correspondingly, when you sell, don’t you have that moment of hesitation when you wonder if you have sold prematurely, and if you could fetch a higher price later?

If you’ve got your brain wired up correctly for this thing, then you won’t have these kinds of mental barriers plaguing you when you buy or sell property. And to sort out your own psychological issues is absolutely fundamental to everything that you do in real estate. You can’t win in this game with a “faulty” mindset.

The Most Common Scam In Malaysia Property

In case you haven’t realize it, even as we are nearing the end of this article, I haven’t told you anything specific about finding and profiting from abandoned properties. Surprise, surprise – you’ve just been exposed to the most common tactic ever abused by agents and sellers alike – the bait and switch.

Now before you curse me to hell and back, let me assure you that there’s some method to my apparent madness. The reason I’ve blabbed for so long about investor psychology is because the biggest mistake you can ever make in real estate investing is having the wrong mindset. After you have overcome the psychological barrier to become a truly legit investor, then making money with abandoned property is remarkably easy.

With that out of the way…

If things go according to plan, I’ll be going into the meat and potatoes about the abandoned properties game – i.e. everything I know about finding these untapped gold mines and blackmailing the owners into selling them to you for cheap. OK, just kidding about the blackmailing. But I do use some rather questionable tactics (which are not illegal) which may offend some folks with tender feelings. If you’re one of those bleeding heart girl scouts then I suggest that you stop reading, unplug from the innerwebz and go watch The Sound of Music or whatever. If you nevertheless choose to stay, you may not like what you’re going to read what I am going to write next.

And of course, if Khai Yin gets pissed at me for taking potshots at him on his own blog (he’s one bipolar megalomaniac mofo in case you haven’t realized yet), then this is probably the last time you’re seeing me here.

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