14 (Fourteen!) People Told Me That GoodPlace Sucked

GoodPlace apparently sucks

About two weeks ago I ran a survey in which I had asked my readers about what they think of GoodPlace. One (of the two) questions that I used in the survey was:-

How would you feel if you could no longer use GoodPlace.my?

This question looked pretty harmless to most people, but the answers that you gave me had HUGE implications on what I decide to do next with GoodPlace.

You see, it’s a question that startups use to gauge what’s called the “Product-Market Fit“, which is just a fancy way of saying that a product has been well accepted by users. It’s kinda important because if your product doesn’t “fit” into what the market really wants, it will fail no matter how much money you throw at it, how smart/good looking you are, etc.

According to Sean Ellis, the super smart blokey who was behind some of the slickest user acquisition moves at Dropbox and LogMeIn, your product is deemed to have achieved Product-Market Fit if more than 40% of your respondents to the survey question above choose “Very Disappointed” as the answer1. When that happens, then you should then scale up quickly to completely dominate the market and annihilate your competitors – it’s indeed then time to go big or balik kampung.

How GoodPlace Fared

So we ran the survey for two weeks, and 718 people responded (which is a pretty good sample size (~10%) given that our GoodPlace Digest subscriber base is 7,200+ at the time of writing). As it turned out, about 42% of the respondents chose the “Very Disappointed” option which was just slightly above the 40% Product-Market Fit threshold:-


I’ve always been receiving rather encouraging feedback from happy readers (see the Recent Comments in the sidebar on the right), but this is the first quantitative evidence that we are indeed moving in the right direction. Apart from the validation, reading positive comments from our readers makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 🙂

Me not worthy...

Me not worthy…

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 🙂

But It’s Not All Moonlight And Roses…

Alas, I can’t please everyone, and there was a small group of respondents (14 of them exactly) who chose the “(GoodPlace is) really not that useful” option –


I then did a deeper analysis and found that none of these respondents left any comment on what they thought was bad about GoodPlace. Not that I was mad or anything (far from it!), but I’d really like to hear about the things I can do to improve GoodPlace.

Those who are with us since the very beginning (from mid 2013) will know that I always (always) develop features from what readers tell me – Walkability was suggested to me by EC and Harry over at KLCCcondominiums.com.my, the “What We Think” section that accompanies the property news snippet every week was from a minor “complaint” that the snippets were too plain vanilla without any good insights, and the Mont Kiara Buyer Guide was the result of the constant pestering of a group of investors wanting to move into Mont Kiara in a big way. I truly aim to please. 😉

So, if you’re one of the 14, or if you’ve got ideas on anything that you’d like me to improve on, leave me a comment below or email me. These are still early days for GoodPlace, and I will need all the help that I can get.

What’s Next Now For GoodPlace?

I have already hinted at what I am going to do with GoodPlace previously (read this if you’re curious), and to those who have heard me yak about my plans will know that my goals are big, hairy and fairly audacious.

I’m lucky that I can fund this project on my own (I’m not rich, but GoodPlace’s overhead is super low – I only need a laptop and a web host!) which means that I can have full control and always do the right thing. Additionally, I have the rare privilege of getting mentored by perhaps the most successful Internet entrepreneur in Malaysia (no, he’s NOT from the property Mentor that has surfaced in my articles a couple of times) for which I am super grateful for.

If you’d like to help me, then email your friends and family about GoodPlace! I think I can lay claim to be Malaysia’s best read property blog now at more than 40,000 visitors per month, but with your help we can grow that by at least a factor of 10x. Go to your email client now and do it! 🙂

  1. http://www.quora.com/How-do-you-define-Product-Market-Fit
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