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Freehold vs Leasehold: Should You Even Care?

Kaewta Adulya @GoodPlaceHQ

When I was starting out in property, a friend once told me, “Khai Yin, there’s only one thing to remember… freehold good, leasehold bad.”

That it sounded something out of George Orwell’s Animal Farm (“four legs good, two legs bad”) should have sounded off alarm bells already. Continue Reading →

What If You Suddenly Become Rich? Do These Four Things First Before You Get Screwed Over

Queen of Diamonds @GoodPlaceHQ

Albie made a tidy fortune from brokering the sale of a couple of uber expensive real estate in downtown Manhattan end of last year. Newly rich, he had to “take cover” for a while (reasons which will be apparent to you later), and so he was at the Mentor’s Nilai estate where I got to meet him. Continue Reading →

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iProperty.com Home & Property Investment Fair: Mid Valley!


Whenever I get to talk to a prospective home buyer through our Dealmatcher service, I like to ask her: “Are you going to buy soon?” These days, I usually get the following four answers: “wait and see”, “tengok dulu”, 前, and முதல் பார்க்க. Continue Reading →

Sime Darby Property’s Lifestyle@9 : Negeri Sembilan In The Limelight

Here at GoodPlace we have been rather bullish about the fringe areas outside the Klang Valley for two reasons:-

  1. Prices of property in the Kuala Lumpur city and prime suburbs like Petaling Jaya have remained stubbornly high despite a slowdown in buyer demand, and
  2. Shortage of development land in the city and the suburbs means that new projects often skimp on space and amenities.
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iProperty.com’s Home & Property Investment Fair – Next Stop: KLCC!

iProperty KLCC show

Let’s face it – the go-go years of the bull run are no more. When times are good, any Ali, Muthu and Ah Chong can make money – since as the old cliche goes, a rising tide floats all boats. Continue Reading →

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The Paradox Of Money Making In Property

Joanne Chong GoodPlace.my Mentor

When we published our guide on unconventional strategies of uber successful investors couple of weeks back, I have received a flurry of comments specifically on Munirah’s pearl of wisdom presented in the article:-

If you’re in this just to make money and “achieve financial independence“, you’re doing it wrong.
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How To Deal With Agents – An Insider’s Guide

GoodPlace Property Agent

This GoodPlace guide is a continuation of sorts from the last guide on how to find a good property deal. The tip in particular on dealing with real estate agents was admittedly rather short, and so I’m deciding to do it justice by writing a full fledged mini-guide on the topic. Continue Reading →

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Top Seven (7) Lessons I Learned In 2014


2014 is already winding down to a close, and indeed, it has been quite a roller coaster year. As I was figuring out what to write for this week, I thought it wold be fun to reflect back on some of the lessons that I have learned in 2014, mainly about Malaysia real estate, and also about running an online property startup. Continue Reading →

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Why I Don’t Like Property Crowdfunding

Brandi Krauss @GoodPlaceHQ Given Malaysians are almost always laggards when it comes to adopting anything new (let’s not kid ourselves – we have never been the innovative kind), we just need to look at what’s happening elsewhere (say, the United States) to predict what’s going to catch on here later. Continue Reading →

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Why Branded Homes Are The Future Of Malaysian Luxury Real Estate


I had gone over to The Mentor’s sprawling retirement estate in Nilai for a cuppa on a breezy Saturday evening. Earlier in the week he had messaged me that he had bought a newly launched condominium unit in the KLCC enclave at RM2,000 per square feet – a steep price by anyone’s standards. Continue Reading →

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Protected: Setia Eco Glades

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Radius Cyberjaya

Radius Cyberjaya

Part of the allure of running an Internet lifestyle business is that you can pretty much do it anywhere. You don’t have to turn up at “work”, and you can pretty much operate your business from anywhere with an Internet connection – i.e. Continue Reading →

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Rimbun @Embassy Row

Rimbun Ampang Hilir

At GoodPlace, I get the opportunity to work with some of the biggest players in Malaysia property, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the smaller, “boutique” developers.


It’s because behind each of these smaller developers and their projects, there’s always a remarkable story to be told. Continue Reading →


Setiawalk in Pusat Bandar Puchong

Picture this — the best shopping complexes, hip and urban serviced apartments, exquisite fine-dining restaurants, and corporate offices, all neatly-tied up in a luxurious package, located in a thriving and an established community?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Setiawalk is NOT that, unfortunately. Continue Reading →